Our customers’ and employees’ health are our primary concern during the pandemic. We have taken the following steps to provide maximum protection and safety for everyone:

  • We are only allowing up to 35 customers in the store at a time, which is well below the amount allowable by the provincial health officer based on our square footage.
  • Masks are now mandatory and to be worn by our customers, effective immediately, when entering Blind Bay Village Grocer as per Dr. Bonnie Henry’s directives on November 19, 2020. Thank you for your cooperation. Our employees have been instructed to wear masks at all times.
  • Only one shopper is permitted at a time down each aisle. We have increased our directional signage in the store.
  • Please stay 2 meters apart from one another at all times.
  • We are enforcing an hourly sanitization checklist for employees to complete on high contact areas such as door & buggy handles, cash registers/pin pads, counters, washrooms and more. We also have sanitized wipe stations throughout the store for our customers.
  • Our employees have been asked to exercise precautions to safeguard their health and the health of the community, including staying home if they have any symptoms of illness or do not feel well.
  • With guidance from health authorities, we are emphasizing high-level hygiene practices, which we know are a frontline defense from any illness.
  • We do not allow travel mugs and thermoses to be used when purchasing hot beverages.
  • You may bring your reusable bags but they must remain in your cart and you must pack your groceries yourself. We do have plastic bags available.
  • We do accept bottle returns, however, they have to be cleaned and counted.
  • We are trying to limit employee contact with cash. We would be grateful if all customers purchasing fuel would kindly do so by paying at the pumps and anyone purchasing groceries in-store uses a card. However, we will still accept cash if absolutely necessary.

Online Shopping Service:

  • To further limit store traffic, we encourage you to use our online shopping service where you can have your groceries delivered or you can pick them up.
  • Please see our online shopping service here!

Please Do Your Part:

  • Please be respectful of our frontline staff and treat them with kindness and respect. They come to work every day to serve you.
  • Maintain two-meter distancing at all times. The two-metre distancing also applies to those waiting in line to get into the store and the pavement has been marked to assist with this.
  • Please shop alone. Only those customers who are disabled and require assistance may shop together.
  • Only visit the store once per week if possible.
  • Come organized with a list and be in and out as quickly as possible.
  • Please only buy what you require for a week at a time. Hoarding will not be permitted.
  • Socializing in the isles with neighbours and friends is discouraged. Your time must be limited in the store.
  • Please avoid phoning the store as we need our phone lines open for vendors to make sure that we have the inventory and cleaning supplies it takes to remain open. We simply cannot handle any customer inquiries. Instead, you can email them to and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 
  • And just a reminder that the best times to shop are from 6am to 10am and 7pm to 9pm.

Staying open to serve our community is our number one priority. Please do your part by following our guidelines and above all, be kind to one another.  We are in this together! Stay safe everyone!