Your Green Grocer

Village Grocer is a Certified Power Smart Facility. Our H-Vac system, as well as our store equipment, is power smart. We recapture heat from our refrigeration system for heating our water and our backroom air. Recently we have retrofitted our entire interior lighting throughout the store with LED fixtures, lowering our carbon footprint and increasing our sustainability.

Waste Initiatives

Last year VG had 0.2% waste – making us amongst the best Grocers in Canada. According to our research, grocery stores reported an average of 2.2% waste. 

Our waste initiatives include:

Repurposing all products within best before dates to ensure limited waste and maintaining our fresh guarantee and commitment to excellent quality.  

All of our organic matter (i.e. veggies and fruits) gets recycled and sent to local Pig Farms and to Spa Hills Compost where they make chemical-free fertilizer from it. They use it for the land they farm where they grow wheat, corn & other crops to feed their livestock. 

Any product with a defect in packaging (French on both sides, dented, ripped label, etc.) gets sent to the Sorrento Food Bank.

We have reduced our paper waste with the introduction of digital flyers. We post our grocery and liquor flyers on social media and on our website. You can also sign-up to receive the digital flyers right to your e-mail inbox!